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This document demonstrates the usage of the AD4.AppDesigner and flow design principles to develop a simple sample application called AlarmClockSample. If you don’t know anything about flow design or flow based programming it’s useful to read some articles beforehand to understand the general concepts behind this programming paradigm.
You might find the following links useful:

Let’s talk about the sample application. It’s a simple WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application that shows the current time after click of the button *Start Clock”. Furthermore, you can enter the count of seconds in a simple textbox and press the button “Set Alarm”. After waiting the entered seconds, the text “A L A R M” is shown at the UI.
The following screenshot shows the UI of the finished sample application in action:


The described functions are implemented step-by-step to demonstrate the features of the AD4.AppDesigner concerning application development using the flow design concept.
Sometimes optimal possibilities to solve “the problem” are ignored. Please excuse this. It’s simply to explain the basic features as fast as possible and to reduce the complexity of the sample. Furthermore, this is just a basic tutorial. Advanced features are explained later in different documents. Now, let’s start!

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