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Feature 29: Work with root flows


Redesign EditFlowChartFlowRemarkDecoratorFlow, AddNewFlowRemarkFlow based on flow to edit and add root flow:
  • PrepareNewFlowRemark simplified
  • EditFlowChartFlowRemarkDecorator renamed to EditFlowFlowRemark and simplified
  • ValidateFlowChartFlowRemarkDecorator renamed to ValidateFlowChartFlowRemark and simplified
  • SplitFlowChartFlowRemarkDecoratorDesignAttribute, JoinFlowChartFlowRemarkDecoratorDesignAttribute implemented
  • AddNewFlowRemarkFlow, EditFlowChartFlowRemarkDecoratorFlow improved


  • HandleRootFlowContextMenu renamed to HandleRootFlowMapItemContextMenu
Edit / Remove of root flow by context menu of step map:
  • PresentStepMapItems extended to use HandleRootStepMapItemContextMenu
  • EditRootFlowDefinitionFlowFlow, RemoveRotFlowFlow extended
Bugfix: Designer crashed sometimes while rendering because of threading issue
  • RenderStarter improved


BugFix: Position of wire caption wasn't updated correctly if step was moved and only the wire number is shown
  • MoveFlowChartStepDecorator improved
BugFix: Position of wire caption wasn't updated correctly if step pin was moved and only the wire number is shown
  • MoverFlowChartStepPinDecorator improved
Remove root flow by toolbar button if root flow item was double clicked in step map:
  • ConvertToFlowDefinition extended by input pin FlowPathItemInputPin
  • SelectFlowPathFlow extended
  • PresentRemoveButton extended by handling of datatype AppFlowDefinition


Rename and remove root flow by context menu of flow map:
  • HandleRootFlowContextMenu implemented
  • HandleRemoveRootFlowMapDecoratorClick removed
  • RemeoveRootFlowFlow improved
  • EditFlowChartNameDecoratorFlow replaced by EditRootFlowDefinitionFlowFlow
  • HandleMapDecoratorMouseRightButtonDown removed
  • EditRootFlowDefinitionFlow improved
  • AppFlowMapItem extended by property IsRootFlow
  • PrepareRootFlowMapItems, FlowMapItemDecorator extended to handle new property
  • AppStepMapItem extended by property IsRootFlow
  • PrepareStepMapItems, StepMapItemDecorator extended to handle new property


Rename and remove root flow by context menu of flow map:
  • HandleMapDecoratorMouseRightButtonDown, HandleEditRootFlowMapDecoratorClick, HandleRemoveRootFlowMapDecoratorClick implemented
  • AddContextMenuToMapDecoratorFlow added
  • EditFlowChartNameDecoratorFlow extended (but name doesn't fit anymore!) => EditRootFlowFlow is better
  • RemoveRootFlowFlow extended


Rename of root flow by double click name of root flow in flow chart:
  • HandleFlowChartDecoratorDoubleClicked renamed to HandleFlowChartFlowRemarkDecoratorDoubleClicked
  • HandleFlowChartNameDecoratorDoubleClicked implemented
  • FlowChartNameDecorator extended by event DecoratorDoubleClicked
  • RenderFlowChartName extended by wiring event from decorator to event handler
  • EditFlowChartNameDecoratorFlow as sub flow of EditFlowChartFlow created
  • ConvertToFlowDefinition, CloneFlowDefinitionSimple, ... implemented
  • EditFlowChartFlow extended



Remove unused global step definitions if root flow is removed:
  • ConvertToGlobalStepDefinitions, FilterUnusedGlobalStepDefinitions, ConfirmUnusedGlobalStepDefinitionsRemove, RemoveGlobalStepDefinitions implemented
  • RemoveRootFlowFlow extended
BugFix: C# code generator crashed if single instance was defined but not found in assemblies
  • MakeAppSingleInstances... steps improved


  • ConvertStringToDouble replaced by ConvertToDouble.StringInputPin
  • ToFlowChartRemarkConverter replaced by ConvertToFlowChartRemarkConverter
BugFix: Save Button is sometimes disabled even if save is possible
  • OpenFileFlow improved: Step "PresentSaveButtons" wasn't used in some cases ...
BugFix: AppDesigner crashed if center decorator of simple wire (without points only!) is moved.
  • MoveFlowChartWireDecorator.MovedEventInputPin improved (check added if there are any points defined)
BugFix: The padding of step textbox was to small
  • FlowChartStepDecorator.ctor improved
BugFix: If bin folder doesn't exist developer needs the name of the folder to find the problem
  • LoadAppAssemlies improved to show the given folder


Add new root flow by ribbon button:
  • Update of FlowMap / StepMap if root flow is added => Have to add PresentFlowMapFlow to AddNewElementFlow
  • Show flow chart of new root flow
  • ConvertFlowMapItemToFlowPathItem replaced by ConvertToFlowPathItem.FlowMapItemInputPin
  • ConvertToFlowPathItem extended by RootFlowDefinitionInputPin
  • AddNewRootFlowFlow, AddNewElementFlow extended
Remove root flow by toolbar button:
  • DiseableRemoveButton, EnableRemoveButton replaced by PresentRemoveButton
  • ClearSelectedElementFlow replaced by SelectElementFlow
  • Some small converters implemented
  • RemoveRootFlowFlow added
  • ConvertToRootFlowDefinition, ConfirmRootFlowDefinitionRemove, RemoveFlowDefinition implemented
  • RemoveElementFlow extended
New RemoveRootFlowFlow:


Simplifaction of steps to add new root flow by ribbon button:
  • PrepareNewRootFlow, EditRootFlow, ValidateFlowDefinitionSyntax, ValidateFlowDefinitionNotExists, AddFlowDefinitionToAppDefinition simplified


Add new root flow by ribbon button:
  • MainWindwow.AddNewRootFlowButton visibility set
  • ConfigureUIControls extended by event AddNewRootFlowControl
  • AddNewRootFlowFlow added (like AddNewFlowRemarkFlow)
  • AddNewElementFlow extended
  • PrepareNewRootFlow, EditRootFlow, ValidateFlowDefinitionSyntax, ValidateFlowDefinitionNotExists, AddNewDefinitionToAppDefinition ... implemented
Extended Toolbar:
New AddNewRootFlowFlow:

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