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Advanced Rendering Features

Show or hide optional content of flow chart


  • RenderStepPinsCaptions simplified by extending FlowChartStepPinDecoratorExtensions
  • RenderFlowChartPinsCaptions simplified by FlowChartFlowPinDecoratorExtensions
  • RenderWiresCaptions simplified by FlowChartWireDecoratorExtensions
  • Design of tutorial samples updated
  • Next tutorial finished: ThreadAsynchronizer Pattern (Version V7)


DesignAttribute to format wire caption of pin (Custom Position):
  • RaiseAlarmFlow of AlarmClockSample.10 extended to test the new attribute
  • RenderWiresCaptions improved to handle LabelPosition parameter
  • Next tutorial finished: Synchronizer Pattern (Version V6) (AD4.AlarmClockSample.V6.Sourcecode)
Screenshot showing the test flow (Position of wire label '1. (DateTime)' was changed in line 38):


DesignAttribute parameter LabelPosition to define position of step pin label:
  • RaiseAlarmFlow of AlarmClockSample.10 extended to test the new attribute
  • RenderStepPinsCaptions improved to handle LabelPosition parameter
  • Started with next part of tutorial: Usage Of Patterns
Screenshot showing the test flow (Position of label AlarmTime was changed):


DesignAttribute parameter LabelPosition to define position of flow pin label:
  • AD4_SyntaxDefinition extended by parameter LabelPosition
  • FileExtension extended to parse value of parameter LabelPosition
  • AppDesignAttribute extended by LabelPosition
  • RaiseAlarmFlow of AlarmClockSample.10, ShowCurrentTimeFlow extended to test the new attribute:
  • $DesignAttribute { ElementType = "OutputPin" Position = "540,110" LabelPosition = "30,10" }
  • RenderFlowChartPinCaptions improved to handle LabelPosition parameter
Screenshot showing the test flow (Position of label DefaultOutputPin was changed):


Improvement of step map navigation (DoubleClick):
  • If item is used more than ounce the count is shown behind type name: StepMapItemDecorator improved
  • Double click a step map item directly navigates to the expected flow chart
Screenshot of step map:


Option to show or hide wire captions withing flow chart:
  • Flow layout of tutorial samples improved. Now the tutorial samples look much better.
  • MainWindow extended by adding FlowChartWireCaptionsCheckBox
  • ConfigureUIControls extended
  • ManageFlowChartShowStepPinCaptionsOptionFlow added
  • RenderWiresCaptions improved to use the new parameter (AB4.Sample.10 used to test the function)
Screenshot of option tab:


Render wire captions:
  • Bugfix of RenderWires
  • RenderWiresCaptions added
  • RenderFlowChartFlow extended
  • FlowChartCaptionDecorator improved


Option to render name of flow pins within flow chart (AlarmClockSample.10.ad4 used to test this extension):
  • MainWindow extended by adding FlowChartShowFlowPinCaptionsComboBox
  • ConfigureUIControls customized
  • ManageFlowChartShowFlowPinCaptionsOptionFlow customized
  • Parameter FlowChartFlowPins replaced FlowChartFlowPinCaptions in AD4.AppDesigner.cfg
  • RenderFlowPinsCaptions customized to use the parameter


Option to render name of step pins within flow chart:
  • MainWindow extended by adding FlowChartStepPinsComboBox
  • ConfigureUIControls improved by initializing FlowChartStepPinsComboBox
  • New ManageFlowChartShowStepPinCaptionsOptionFlow added
  • Parameter FlowChartStepPinCaptions added to AD4.AppDesigner.cfg
  • RenderStepPinsCaptions extended to use the parameter


Render name of step pins within flow chart:
  • RenderStepPinsCaptions, FlowChartStepPinDecoratorExtensions, StepPinCaptionProperties added
  • RenderFlowChartFlow extended


Option to switch on or off the rendering of flow pin names within flow chart:
  • MainWindow extended by adding FlowChartShowFlowPinsCaptionCheckBox
  • ManageFlowChartShowFlowPinsOptionFlow added
  • cfg file extended (new parameter)
  • ConfigureUIControls extended
  • AlarmClockSample.04: Flow chart improved by design attributes
Screenshot of option tab:


Option to render name of flow output pin:
  • RenderFlowChartInputPinsCaption renamed to RenderFlowChartPinsCaptions and the output pin parts added
  • RenderFlowChartFlow adapted
Screenshot of test sample showing label for flow output pin "DefaultOutputPin" because no explicit name was defined:


Option to render name of flow input pin:
  • RenderFlowChartInputPinsCaption added to flow RenderFlowChartFlow
  • FlowChartCaptionDecorator added
  • AB4.Sample.10: Flow definition updated to test the feature
Screenshot of test sample showing label for flow input pin "CurrentTime" and "AlarmTime":


Refacturing / Simplification of save to AD4.AppDesigner.cfg file:
  • SaveBoolOption, SaveDoubleOption, SaveStringOption added to handle save to file
  • ConfigureUIControls extended to send the parameter names
  • ManageOptionsFlow improved
  • ManageFlowMapShowSingleStepsOptionFlow, ManageFlowMapShowPinsOptionFlow, ManageFlowChartShowGridLinesOptionFlow added
  • SaveStepMapFlowStepsOption, SaveStepMapSingleStepsOption, SaveStepMapPinsOption, SaveFlowMapSingleStepsOption, SaveFlowMapPinsOption, SaveFlowChartGridLinesOption, SaveFlowChartFontSizeOption, SaveFlowMapFontSizeOption, SaveStepMapFontSizeOption, SaveFlowChartFontFamilyOption, SaveFlowMapFontFamilyOption, SaveStepMapFontFamilyOption removed


Option to show or hide single steps within step map:
  • MainWindow extended by StepMapShowFlowStepsCheckBox, StepMapShowSingleStepsCheckBox
  • AD4.AppDesigner.cfg extended by parameters StepMapFlowSteps, StepMapSingleSteps
  • SaveStepMapFlowStepsOption, SaveStepMapSingleStepsOption added
  • ConfigureUIControls extended
  • ManageStepMapShowFlowStepsOptionFlow , ManageStepMapShowSingleStepsOptionFlow added
  • PresentStepMapItems improved (now uses the parameter above)
Screenshot (left side showing single steps, right side not):


Option to show or hide single steps within flow map:
  • MainWindow extended by FlowChartShowSingleStepsCheckBox
  • AD4.AppDesigner.cfg extended by parameter FlowMapSingleSteps
  • ConfigureUIControls extended
  • SaveFlowMapSingleStepsOption added
  • PresentFlowMapItems extended to use the new parameter
  • ManageFlowMapOptionsFlow extended
Screenshot (left side showing single steps, right side not):


Option to show or hide pins within step map:
  • MainWindow extended (StepMapShowPinsCheckBox added)
  • AD4.AppDesigner.cfg extended by parameter StepMapPins
  • ConfigureUIControls extended to show previous state of parameter StepMapPins and "post" the related control
  • ManageStepMapOptionsFlow extended
  • PresentStepMapItems improved
Screenshot (left side showing pins, right side not):


Refacturing & Simplification:
  • ConfigureUIControls, HandleRibbonGallerySelectionChangedEvent, HandleTwoStateRibbonCheckBoxClickEvent, ConvertStringToDouble added
  • PresentMainWindow simplified
  • HandleFlowChartFontFamilyChangedEvent, HandleFlowChartFontSizeChangedEvent, HandleFlowMapFontFamilyChangedEvent, HandleStepMapFontSizeChangedEvent replaced by HandleRibbonGallerySelectionChangedEvent
  • HandleFlowChartGridLinesCheckBoxClickEvent, HandleFlowMapPinsCheckBoxClickEvent replaced by HandleTwoStateRibbonCheckBoxClickEvent
  • ManageFlowChartOptionsFlow, ManageFlowMapOptionsFlow, ManageStepMapOptionsFlow improved


Option to show or hide pins within flow map:
  • MainWindow improved by adding FlowMapShowPinsCheckBox
  • PresentMainWindow improved to initialize the state of the check box
  • PresentFlowMapItems improved to use the new cfg parameter (FlowMapPins)
  • SaveFlowMapPinsOption added
  • ManageFlowMapOptionsFlow improved
Flow map with pins:
Flow map without pins:


Select font family and size for step map:
  • MainWindow improved by adding StepMapFontFamilyComboBox and StepMapFontSizeComboBox
  • PresentMainWindow improved to initialize the font family and size by cfg file
  • HandleStepMapFontFamilyChangedEvent, SaveStepMapFontFamilyOption, SetStepMapFontFamily added
  • HandleStepMapFontSizeChangedEvent, SaveStepMapFontSizeOption, SetStepMapFontSize added
  • ManageStepMapOptionFlow added
  • Finished chapter Initialize the Application (Version V5) of tutorial


Select font family and size within flow map:
  • MainWindow improved by adding FlowMapFontFamilyComboBox and FlowMapFontSizeComboBox
  • PresentMainWindow improved to initialize the font family and size by cfg file
  • HandleFlowMapFontFamilyChangeEvent, SaveFlowMapFontFamilyOption, SetFlowMapFontFamily added
  • HandleFlowMapFontSizeChangedEvent, SaveFlowMapFontSizeOption, SetFlowMapFontSize added
  • ManageOptionsFlow improved
  • ManageFlowMapOptionsFlow added
  • Started with tutorial Initialize the Application (Version V5)
Screenshot (font and size selection combo boxes):


Cleaned the usage of selected font family in flow chart:
  • SetFlowChartFontFamily added
  • RibbonComboBox at MainWindow added
  • PresentMainWindow improved to initialize possible font sizes
  • PresentMainWindow improved to initialize previous select font size from cfg file (parameter FlowChartFontSize)
  • HandleFlowChartFontSizeChangedEvent step added to handle event.
  • SaveFlowChartFontSizeOption added
  • SetFlowChartFontSize added
  • TerminateDouble added
  • ManageOptions flow improved


Select font family of flow chart: Screenshot (font selection combo box with sorted items):


Select font family of flow chart:
  • The previous flow chart font is restored to ComboBox.SelectedItem from AD4.AppDesigner.cfg (Key FlowChartFontFamily):
  • PresentMainWindow improved
  • Started with handling of font changed event: HandleFlowChartFontFamilyChangedEvent (postponed because of following fix)
  • Bugfix: Wrong parsing of explicit step definition of flow if step was previously defined as single instance. Had to fix AD4.AppDesigner.Logic.Steps.PrepareChildrenFlowMapItems.PrepareChildrenOfFlowMapItem, region 'Explicit StepDefinitions of flow'.


Select font family of flow chart:
  • ComboBox at options tab added to display the installed fonts. The avaliable fonts are loaded by pure xaml.
  • MainWindow.xaml extended
  • Finished part of tutorial Configure the Application (Version V4).


  • Grid lines of flow chart are rendered correctly now. Had to ensure that the size of the grid is updated by UpdateLayout (RenderGridLines improved)


Show / Hide grid lines of flow chart:
  • RibbonTab to show Options added
  • FlowChartGridLinesCheckBox added
  • FlowChartGridLines parameter added to AD4.AppDesigner.cfg
  • PresentMainWindow improved to show config value FlowChartGridLines parameter
  • New ManageOptionsFlow added
  • New HandleFlowChartGridLinesCheckBoxClickEvent added
  • RenderGridLines improved to check if grid lines should be rendered
  • New SaveFlowChartGridLinesOption added to save the state of FlowChartGridLines
  • Third tutorial finished (Flows & Pins (Version V3)). (Download AD4.AlarmClockSample.V3.Sourcecode)
  • Bugfix: Application crashed if size of step that contains pins is defined incorrectly (RenderEx.SetSize improved)
Screenshot of RenderFlowChartFlow without grid lines (CheckBox "Grid Lines" not checked):


Started with refacturing of "RenderFlowChartFlow":
  • PrepareAppDefinition simplified
  • PrepareFlowChartDecoratorCache added
  • ParseFileContentFlow improved
  • Structure of VS Solution improved (Moved same classes from one project to another)
  • Started with next tutorial (Flows & Pins (Version V3))

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