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Finalize application description language

SingleInstances and PatternInstances are joined to section GlobalStepDefinitions


Screenshot of EditTextFlow (looks nice because of the design attributes):


  • DesignAttribute parameter DesignType is now called ElementType (better name)
  • AppDesignAttribute datatype: Changed property name
  • Enumeration DesignTypes renamed to ElementTypes
  • FileExtension.GetDesignAttribute customized

AD4.Iteration.22.04 (Remove of obsolete code fragments)

  • Obsolete Datatype to handle single instances removed
  • Obsolete Datatype to handle pattern instances removed
  • PrepareChildrenFlowMaptItems improved (Bugfix)


  • Refacturing of parsing parts

AD4.Iteration.22.02 (Add support to step map)

  • AppStepMapItem extended by flag IsGlobalDefined
  • PrepareStepMapItems.GetOrAddStepMapItem improved by handling global scope
  • PrepareStepMapItems.PrepareStepMapItems improved by handling global scope
  • PresentStepMapItems improved by handling of global scope

AD4.Iteration.22.01 (Add support to flow map)

  • AppFlowMapItem extended
  • PrepareChildrenFlowMapItems improved

AD4.Iteration.22.00 (GlobalStepDefinitions)

SingleInstances and PatternInstances sections are joined to GlobalStepDefinitions section:
  • DataType AppGlobalStepDefinistions added
  • AppDefinition improved
  • FileExtenstion improved
  • ParseAppGlobalStepDefinitions added
  • ParseFileContentFlow improved
  • AppStepDefinition extended by flag IsGlobalDefined

Example (Taken from AlarmClockSample.10):
$App GlobalStepDefinitions {
	$Step MainWindow {
		CustomName = "UI" PreparedInstance = "True" SingleInstance = "True" }
	$Step AB4.TimerClockLibrary.TimerClock {
		CustomName = "TimerClock" SingleInstance = "True" }
	$Step DateTimeSynchronizer { Pattern = "Synchronizer" }
	$Step TriggerTerminator { Pattern = "Terminator" }
	$Step TriggerThreadAsynchronizer {
		Pattern = "ThreadAsynchronizer" 
		PatternParameters = "ThreadOptions=IsBackgroundThread, LockOptions=LockedThread" }

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