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Show file with undo/redo content


  • Code review, some names (for example of datatypes) changed.


  • Buttons for Undo/Redo added.
  • PresentUndoRedoButtons finished: If undo or redo is possible the affected button is shown.
  • Synchronizer-Pattern added (Necessary for background operations to transfer the data to the UI thread).
  • TextEditorUndoButtonClickEventHandler finished to handle the click event of the affected button.
  • TextEditorRedoButtonClickEventHandler finished to handle the click event of the affected button.
  • UndoTextChangings: Grabs the previous state from AppDefinition.Instance.File.UndoFileContentStates, copies the current state to AppDefinition.Instance.File.RedoFileContentStates.
  • RedoTextChangings: Grabs the previous state from AppDefinition.Instance.File.RedoFileContentStates, copies the curent stat to AppDefinition.Instance.File.UndoFileContentStates.
  • Flow ChangeAppDefinitionByTextEditorFlow extended.


  • FileContentStateDefinition finished (Necessary for Undo / Redo).
  • FileDefinition-Datatype extended by UndoFileContentStates & RedoFileContentStates.
  • TextEditerChangedEventHandler-Step finished. If the content of the file editing control is changed, the resulting content is sent by the DefaultOutputPin.
  • DelayTextChangings-Step finished. This sends the new content of the file editing control after a time that is defined by AppConfig. Otherwise every key hit would be recorded. This isn't necessary for undo / redo, textparsing, validation ...


  • AD4.AppDesigner.Core added to offer common generic problem solutions.
  • AD4.AppDesigner.Cor.Patterns.Terminator as first pattern added.
  • AD4_SyntaxDefinition.xshd finished.
  • PresentFileContent-Step finished.
  • Some patterns are missing.
  • Undo / Redo is undone (included in milestone 2, the basic file editing features).

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