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Usage Of Patterns

In general, patterns are used to solve recurring problems by generic solutions that are tested once and deemed reliable. This way of development reduces costs because reusing existing components and reducing the project durations. Therefore, it’s a reasonable consequence to strengthen pattern based development by AD4.AppDesigner too.

Besides, the best way to develop software is NOT to implement new functional units and to reuse existing components by new flows. Why not to organize all implemented functions in your company as a library and reuse these every time you have to develop a new application? For example the “NoFlo” project (See: follows this concept to improve productivity.

It’s difficult to explain all supported patterns in our example. Please excuse “strange” solutions. There’s no other way to explain these …
Update (2015-03-30): This page is obsolete. You find the current version of the tutorial as offline documentation included in downloads...

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