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Feature 35: Support of custom namespace


Edit of namespace by text box at settings tab
  • ConfigureUIControls extended by output pin NamespaceTextBoxControl
  • SetAppSettings extended by NamespaceInputPin
  • EditNamespaceFlow as flow step of EditAppSettingsFlow added
  • ConvertAppSettingsToFileContent extended by processing Namespace value
Offline documentation in English and German:
  • Section 'Template Based Pattern As Single Step Of Flow' of chapter 'Restrictions' finished


Presenting the namespace of file at settings tab
  • MainWindow extended by NamespaceTextBox
  • PresentCodeGeneration extended by using NamespaceTextBox to present the given namespace
  • App.xaml.cs adapted by using AD4.AppDesigner as namespace
Offline documentation in English and German:
  • Section 'Dynamic Binding' of chapter 'Restrictions' finished
  • Edit of Namespace by Settings Tab


Default namespace is 'AD4.AppDesignerGeneration4Code'. AD4 file content is used as for code generating
  • AD4_SyntaxDefinition.xshd exteded by key word Namespace
  • Datatype AppSettings extended by property Namespace
  • ParseAppCodeGenerationSettings extended by parsing Namespace attribute
  • MakeNamespaceHeader improved by using Namespace attribute of AppSettings
Offline documentation in English and German:
  • Section 'Configuration & Initialization Order' of chapter 'Restrictions' finished

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