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Feature 25: Move of flow chart element by mouse


Simplifications & refacturing finished:
  • Select / Unselect parts finished
  • Content (steps) of MovingFlowChartDecoratorFlow simplified
  • New MoveFlowChartRemarkDecorator, MoveFlowChartFlowPinDecorator, MoveFlowChartStepDecorator implemented.
  • Obsolete HandleFlowChartDecoratorMoving deleted


  • PinChartStepPinDecorator improved: Moving of pin changes border thickness and boarder thickness related to edge
  • If flow pin is moved the related wires move too


Selecting element of flow chart simplified:
  • IFlowChartDecorator removed
  • HandleFlowChartDecoratorSingleClicked simplified
  • SelectFlowChartElementFlow improved by adding new single step SelectFlowChartDecorator
  • FlowChartFlowRemarkDecorator, FlowChartStepDecorator, FlowChartStepPinDecorator, FlowChartFlowPinDecorator,
  • FlowChartWireDecoratorBase simplified
BugFix: AppDesigner crashed if code folder was not valid (after click on button to create source code)
  • Step MakeFile improved by adding check if folder exists.


Unselecting element of flow chart simplified:
  • UnselectFlowChartDecorator implemented
  • FlowChart...Decorators simplified, IFlowChartDecorator simplified
  • Bugfix: HandleFlowChartDecoratorSingleClicked fixed. The wrong element was unselected


Step pin stays at step at moving:
  • FlowChartStepPinDecorator handles UpdateRelatedLayouts of adorner => Application crash is fixed
  • Snap to parent step implemented. Pin cant't be moved away from step anymore
  • FlowChartStepPinDecorator simplified


Caption of flow pin is moved also if flow pin is moved:
  • FlowChartCaption improved by using FlowChartCaptionProperties
  • RenderFlowChartPinsCaption, RenderStepPinsCaption adapted
  • FlowChartPinDecorator exnded by implementing content of UpdateRelatedLayout event handler (Uncomplete because related wires aren't refreshed)


Pin of step is moved also if step is moved:
  • FlowChartStepPinDecorator extended by implementing UpdateLayout
  • FlowChartElementAdorner extended by firing UpdateRelatedLayouts event
  • FlowChartFlowRemarkDecorator extended by handling UpdateRelatedLayouts event fired from FlowChartElementAdorner
  • FlowChartStepDecorator extended by handling UpdateRelatedLayouts event fired from FlowChartElementAdorner
  • FlowChartFlowPinDecorator extended by handling UpdateRelatedLayouts event fired from FlowChartElementAdorner (Uncomplete because related wires aren't refreshed currently)
  • FlowChartCaptionDecorator improved by implementing UpdateLayout

Screenshot of moved step:


Remark, step, pin can be moved by dragging the center thumb:
  • FlowChartElementAdorner, FlowChartWireDecorator, RenderEx, RenderWireCaption improved / extended
  • AdornerEx added

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