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Presenting default flow chart

After loading an existing AD4 file the first (ascending) root flow is presented by default

To start the rendering double click the flow map item or click a bread crumb button. The automatically activation of the rendering will follow later ...

AD4.Iteration.19.03 (Bugfix)

AppDesigner crashed if class of single step isn't found by reflection.
  • AppWrapperClassContainers, AppFlowCodeClassFields, AppFlowWrapperClassFields, AppPatternClassFields, MakeFlowClassCtor, MakeFlowBuildFlows extended.
  • (Have to think about explicit section for pattern based classes... => Feature 21)
  • EditTextFlow formated (see screenshot ...)


AD4.Iteration.19.02 (Bugfix)

Fix bug that a custom name is shown in flow name for single instances even there's no custom name defined. PrepareChildrenFlowMapItems.PrepareChildrenOfFlowMapItem improved (source part of wire definitions). The key name was taken instead of custom name.

AD4.Iteration.19.01 (Presenting default flow chart)

Dummy WPF elements removed from MainWindow.

AD4.Iteration.19.00 (Presenting default flow chart)

  • FindDefaultFlowMapItem selects the first root flow to render.
  • PresentDefaultFlowChartFlow added. Most of the used components are implemented previously.
  • OpenFileFlow extended to use the new flow (see above).

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