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(Remove dependency on AB3.AppBuilder)

The target is to develop the AD4.AppDesigner by AD4.AppDesigner.
Currently the application is still ALPHA! The generated source code may NOT run ...


  • This version is able to generate sourcecode of some samples. See: (You find the flow description in the documents folder of each sample).
  • The gluing code of the AD4.AppDesigner was created by the previous version of the AD4.AppDesigner. You find the current app definition in the bin folder (AD4.AppBuilderFlows.ad4).


This is the first version without AB3.AppBuilder. The gluing code was created by AD4.AppDesigner.15.00. You find the app definition in the bin folder (AD4.AppBuilderFlows.ad4).
  • AB3.AppBuilder library and dependency removed
  • AD4.AppBuilderFlows.cs added
  • App.xaml.cs improved
Flow map screenshot of AD4.AppBuilderFlows.ad4:


AD4.Iteration.15.00 (Flow Map)

  • Attributes are shown in flow map to improve the validation of the flows.
  • (This is the last version using the AB3.AppBuilder!)

Screenshot of flow map with AlarmClockSample.10 showing a step using the synchronize pattern:


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