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(Parsing WireDefinitions from File Content):


Refacturing / Data Model:
  • FlowSpace renamed to Namespace
  • CopyFlowSpacesToStepMap renamed to CopyNamespacesToStepMap
  • ThreadAsynchronizer extended by <T>, <S, T>, <R, S, T> versions
  • TaskAsynchronizer (with LockOption?)
  • Parsing of InputPins / OutputPins
  • Show InputPins / OutputPins at FlowMap
  • Show InputPins / OutputPin at StepMap


  • Started to implement ParseWireDefinition
  • Pattern ThreadAsynchronizer added
  • ParseContentFlow moved to different thread (by AsychnronizeTrigger)
  • Extend ThreadAsynchronizer by versions for <T>, <S, T>, <R, S, T>
  • Extend ThreadAsynchronizer by TaskAsynchronizer (with LockOption?)
  • Storing InputPins / OutputPins within FlowDefinition
  • Show InputPins / OutputPins at FlowMap
  • Show InputPins / OutputPins at StepMap

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